Vlog: Osteopathy for children with growing pain

Vlog: Osteopathy for children with growing pain | Thierry Payet

Osteopathy is a great option to assist children experiencing growing pain.

Cranial Osteopathy is a great alternative and can be very effective at reducing or alleviating symptoms.

Growing pains are a common occurrence in children during rapid growth phases. Pain is experienced by the child most commonly in the legs, although other areas ay be effected. Symptoms are worse of a night time and may cause the child to wake in tears. The severity of the pain varies from minor discomfort to being inconsolable.

Growing pains is diagnosed when X-rays and scans are normal and usally by exclusion of other possibilities. Once a child is diagnosed, medical advise is to use pain relief when needed until the symptoms abate.

So what is causing the pain?

During rapid stages of growth, the child’s body goes through enormous rapid changes in size, weight bearing and function. Usually this has little symptomtic effect. In cases where growing pains occur, there is often pre-existing strain patterns in and around the joints. The strain of ligaments, muscles or bones can cause a mild inflammation which is usually asymptomatic, but when combined with the rapid changes in size, function and weight bearing, that inflammation can be exacerbated and become painful. It is for this reason that symptoms more commonly present in the legs.

Osteopathic treatment is aimed at reducing the strains in and around the effected joints, and restoring normal balance to the whole body.  Once the strain patterns have been reduced, the growing body is better able to cope with the massive changes occurring.

Cranial osteopathy or craniosacral osteopathy is a very gentle treatment approach and is ideally suited for children of all ages.

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