Taking the scenic route in 2022

Taking the scenic route in 2022 | Thierry Payet

Well, we’re almost through the first month of 2022. I do hope that the year has been kind to all so far.  Much to my surprise, I find myself entering 2022 as a Peloton owner.  So, how did I arrive at static cycling?

Not fit for purpose

For many years, my exercise regime has consisted of regular cycling and swimming. I could be found in the pool at least three times a week doing my 60 lengths. But ironically, I overlooked the fact that what may have been ideal in exercise terms 20 years ago was potentially not quite right as I matured!  As a result, I managed to pick up a nasty knee injury. And, of course, I then continued to ignore my own advice and not take the appropriate time and patience to recover properly.  So, I started the year needing a drastic rethink!

I’m sure I’m not the only one responding with a raised eyebrow to the increasingly frequent Peloton adverts (other bikes are available!).  For me, exercise is important to maintain both physical and mental fitness. But I am far from being a zealot! The motivational shout outs from Lycra clad instructors and opportunities to high 5 others within a static cycling “community” left me rather cold!

Static cycling convert

But, what static cycling does provide is the opportunity to ease into exercise – or the return to it – in a measured and manageable fashion.  It can be low impact and you can stop at any time.  Plus, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  There are numerous options available, from the serious investment to the DIY home conversion kit.  If the latter is something that appeal then this is a useful article about what’s available.  And there are a variety of Apps that provide access to classes.

Despite some misgivings, I decided to take advantage of a New Year sale (and the fact that availability was temporarily improved in the wake of Big’s death) and opt for a Peleton.  And I’m delighted to report that there’s so much more to it than personal bests, fisting pumping and high fiving.  All of which can be extremely motivational to others I do accept!

I’ve discovered the opportunity to ‘cycle’ some beautiful routes.  Highway 101 (pictured) and different parts of Iceland being personal favourites.  The screen provides the scenery and I‘ve found it surprisingly easy to lose myself in the experience and the new sights.

So what’s the moral of this tale?

As with all good tales, there are several:

  • Now that we ‘ve got all the New Year’s Resolution business out of the way, it’s a good time to reassess your exercise regime. Is it still fit for purpose and fit for you?
  • Be open – both to new exercise regimes and to new experiences in general. I’m very pleased that I managed to set aside my irritation at the thought of group exercise from home!
  • Peleton – could we have an advert that leads on the opportunity for scenic solitary rides for those of us less invested in being part of a pack?

I’d be interested to hear from other Peleton owners and static bike users.  All recommendations for scenic rides (and maybe even the odd class) gratefully received.  But probably not with a high five!

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